About company

Reliable high quality telecomommunications is one of the key factors affecting company’s competitiveness in the global marketplace. CSC Telecom offers telecom services enabling you to raise your company to a new level of effectiveness.

CSC Telecom was founded in 1995 in Toronto, Canada. Since 1998 the company has been expanding its business in the Baltics where it currently holds a leading position within the fixed-line market. CSC Telecom is also the European Competitive Telecommunications Association’s (ECTA) member.

Three basic areas can be singled out from the vast array of provided services: services for individuals, corporate clients and communication operators. We apply individual approach towards each client and offer complex versatile support: from analysis of individual demands and consultations on the issues of interest, up to design of global networks and integration of global systems.

CSC Telecom’s global network ensures high quality communications any place across the world, owing to its cooperation with the leading telecom companies of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Finland, USA and others. Connections of our nodal exchanges to the global operator nodes in other countries are provided by means of E1 channels via optical fiber network. CSC Telecom is strictly complying with international standards, thus ensuring top quality communications.

CSC Telecom is a reliable partner ensuring superb quality of services provided. Furthermore, we react instantly to any changes in the telecom market and we are constantly improving our technologies.

CSC Telecom makes your work and household easy, by providing you with more free time for your recreation and favourite activities.